Yes. We have a variety of bats that you can borrow during our sessions if you don’t own a bat. But like many sports, it is recommended that you have your own equipment.

We recommend that you bring a bat, a towel, and a drink bottle. Please wear exercise attire as you will warm up quite easily.

Ready-made bats are pre-assembled, packaged, and usually sold at retail sports stores. While they are sufficient for beginners or casual players, ready-made bats often use poorer quality materials, with rubbers that wear out quickly and use glues that are impossible to remove and re-glue. I would recommend that you do not pay anything over $100 for a ready-made bat, even for reputable brands like Butterfly, Stiga or Joola.

A customised bat begins with the blade and the rubber, that is uniquely selected for the player’s game style. Blades typically come in the form of defensive, offensive, and all-rounder varieties with a flared, straight, or anatomic grip handle. Rubbers also come in defensive, offensive, and all-rounder varieties. The most commonly used rubber is the inverted or reverse pimple. It has a smooth surface that gives you good control, spin and help you to develop your strokes.

A customised bat might be suitable for those who:
– have been playing for over a year;
– intend to keep playing regularly and improve their skills;
– want to play competitively.

A customised bat is a very good choice for those who want to take the sport seriously and improve. Although expensive in the beginning, overall they are cheaper to maintain, as you just need to replace the rubber once every year or two compared to a ready-made bat that needs to be fully replaced every couple of months.

A customised bat typically costs somewhere between $150-200. 

We have our own suppliers where we can purchase the blade and rubbers depending on your game style.

If your goal was to become an Olympian the best is to start at six to seven years of age. Some parents bring their child to the game earlier, at five years old. But experts think it’s ineffective. To play and win, a child needs some skills.

If you “just” want to enjoy the process of improving, get fitter you can start at any age. Our students are between 7 – 70 years old. Some started at the age of 60.

You are not required to have any pre-existing table tennis skills at all. We cater for all level players from beginners to advanced.

You will start noticing a progress in your game after a few training sessions. Generally after a one month of a proper structured training plan you will see a major improvement. 

This depends on how fast you want improve. We recommend to do as many group sessions as you can plus one private a week to work on fine details with the coach.