Group Sessions

Our group sessions are designed in a modern way. You will improve dramatically not only your table tennis skill but also you will get fitter after a few group sessions with us. In our sessions, we focus on technique, consistency, and game development.

Monday 7 – 9 pm
Tuesday 7 – 9 pm
Thursday 6 – 8 pm
Saturday 1 – 3 pm (Juniors)

Private Lessons

The ultimate training experience for any individual is a One on One private lesson, in which our coach will take you through a variety of training techniques. This training can be individualised depending on what you would like to work on with your coach.


Online Coaching

We are now offering a brand new online coaching service.

In this package, we can offer you one or a number of coaching sessions where you will receive detailed and expert analyses that you will always be able to refer back to.

Why take on online coaching? Your time is valuable, so instead of traveling to a coach why not utilise your time at the table more efficiently and at YOUR convenience? On top of this, you can often forget some of the information or tips your coach may give you during a session. With online coaching, you’ll always be able to read over the information and use it more effectively.

In this service, all you need is a phone and tripod. You’ll have online support from your coach, who will dissect your game and give you a platform for improving.

You can also send us a video of your match and we will help you to improve the tactical aspect of your game.



PTTA can offer you and your school a bespoke table tennis program that suits your school’s needs.

We have rich experience in coaching prestigious high schools as well as primary schools all around Melbourne. Each school program is specifically tailored for the class skill level and goal and availability.

Table Tennis has many health and social benefits for children such as improved Hand-Eye & Body Coordination, Fights Obesity, Stimulates the brain, Promote psychomotor learning, Increase Attention Span, Encourages social interaction. And our programs will help your children work towards their goals in a socially inclusive and fun, friendly atmosphere.



PTTS can offer your business a set of Table Tennis lessons for your staff over a set number of weeks. Group Coaching is a great way for your staff to get away from the workplace but continue to learn and interact as a team through the means of table tennis.

Taking your staff through the basic rules, techniques, services and more.. over a period weeks they will be able to see dramatic improvements in not only their table tennis but they are sure to notice themselves feeling happier, healthier and fresher; which is sure to have an impact on the mood in the office!

We can also run table tennis tournaments for you. Several different types of tournament formats can be run each with its areas of benefit depending on what you are looking to gain from your tournament.


Physical Training

Table tennis is a fast physical sport that requires agility, speed, and quick reactions. It’s important not only to practice on the table but also do physical training regularly.

Peter worked as a Personal Trainer in a gym in Melbourne for over a year. After that, he moved his focus toward table tennis-specific training. Since then he has worked with a variety of players including the best players in Victoria and Australia.

Having knowledge from both table tennis and physical training helps us to tailor the physical program exactly to your needs. But if your goal is “just” to lose weight or get stronger we can help too.

There are several ways we can work together including one on one training sessions, online training, or we can create a tailored training plan for you.